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Forex speculators

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forex speculators

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This subject is quite a closed section in the analysis of price fluctuations. One still can find some useful information on basic topics on the internet, but this one is hardly ever covered. There are many reasons for that. The main reason is this method is mostly used by big speculators and they simply have neither time nor desire to set it forth on the internet.

However, this method has been mentioned in the old literature on the work on financial markets, on stock markets, in particular. The essence of this theory is that large speculators never enter the market with their whole desired volume. They always take some time to form a position. No one is interested in that, of course: every man for himself in the market. If you move the market in any direction with your money, there will always be someone with a bigger wallet who will want to appropriate your money.

And they will do that. In most cases, positions are built unnoticed, but speculators sometimes make small mistakes due to these or those factors, and then we can trace the forming of positions. The building itself can only be traced within this flat through the least informative type of market volume - tick volume.

Instead, we see a smooth growth, which always takes place in the market. An absolutely perfect option would be a forming of high-volume candles during the period of soaring volumes 1,2. In other words, we open a position to buy and a position to sell of the same volumes at the same time. These gaps form high-volume candles.

Thirdly, the more high-volume candles, the more solid the position is and the stronger the price movement will be at the moment of execution. The position is executed easily: a part of the hedging position is removed from the market. In other words: if the main goal is to buy, half the volume to sell is removed and the first upward leap takes place 3.

The rest is a matter of technique and time. Gradually, in small portions, the whole of the opposite position is removed from the market, which pushes it further upwards. At the moment when the buying volume is removed, the market is rushing down, and the game seems to be over. But eventually, the market begins to soar again and throws out all the sellers. We can see the same on the other side of the trade.

When a speculator believes the value of an asset is about to decline soon or is currently overpriced, he or she sells as much of the asset as possible while prices are still up. This act can cause the asset price to drop further, which other traders can see as the beginning of a downturn. If they act similarly, the price will keep on going down until the market stabilizes.

This process is how many investors essentially become speculators. Although sometimes only temporarily. The point is, they get so caught up in the wild price movements. Even though they may have initiated their position intending to hold it for the long term, they can waver once they think other people are buying or selling. Speculators tend to specialize in particular markets.

For instance, one speculator may specialize in commodities and only trade the commodity markets day in and day out. Also, each speculator trades according to their style. Some are scalpers who buy and sell quickly when prices move even just a fraction of a cent.

Others are day traders who look to buy and sell throughout the day. Then there are position traders who opt to hold their positions for several days, weeks, or even months before exiting. As the name suggests, these are optimistic speculators. They enter the market, expecting the security price to rise, so they buy now to sell them at a profit in the future. If their expectations become a reality, they benefit from the price difference and exit the position. This type is the counterpart of the more optimistic speculators.

A bear speculator is pessimistic and expects a sharp fall in the prices of a traded security. He or she enters the trade by short selling the assets at a high price to secure profits against the expected price drop. If the value of the security falls as predicted, then they reap their gains from the price difference.

A stag speculator is generally cautious, especially compared to bulls or bears. Usually, they focus more on applying for new shares in new companies. Then, when the stocks take off, they sell them at a premium or profit.

Lame ducks are a term used to describe speculators who are unable to cover their trading losses. This type also includes traders who have defaulted on a debt and are virtually bankrupt. The phrase originates from the premise that traders who are unable to fulfill their commitments and are suffering massive financial losses have to waddle away from the market.

A Jobber is a professional speculator who is also a member of the stock exchange and performs several essential functions. They are independent dealers in traded assets and typically execute the transactions in their own names. They earn profits through speculating activities and only interact with other Jobbers or the broker, never a non-member.

Markets are always changing based on constant price fluctuations. One of the main reasons for these fluctuations is the interplay between supply and demand. If you wanted to speculate with stocks, you could simply buy as many shares as you can when you expect the price to go up.

Because the supply of shares is limited, your aggressive buying can increase the demand for the stock, raising the price even higher. Profitable speculating covers a wide range of trading strategies, such as swing trading , pairs trading , utilizing chart patterns , and even employing various hedging strategies. Speculators are not necessarily concerned about the business of a company but need to stay knowledgeable about its fundamentals.

They excel at running detailed fundamental analyses to determine whether the security is overvalued or undervalued, which then informs their trading decisions. A skilled speculator also knows how world events, such as the current COVID pandemic and other cases of global turmoil, can influence short-term price movements in the markets. Speculative activity is present across various markets. Stocks with high-risk profiles are referred to as speculative stocks.

A good example is Penny stocks. They have meager share prices and offer potentially high returns to offset the high risk associated with them. Speculation in the stock market is pretty straightforward — you buy or sell the stocks based on whether you expect the price to rise or fall and profit accordingly. Speculators tend to frequent the forex market because of the constant swings in the exchange rates between the traded currencies.

For example, you can trade the US dollar against more than a dozen other currencies worldwide. If you expect the US dollar to soar compared to the Japanese Yen, you will buy more of it and sell for a profit. Lastly, the leverage available in the forex market is often high. Speculators can use this to accumulate substantial profits with only a small amount of initial capital. Speculation can help control price volatility in the commodity markets. The reason for that is because commodities are much less widely traded compared to stocks and foreign currencies.

The futures and options markets are particularly popular among speculators because those markets are predominantly speculative. After six months, if the price of silver has indeed gone up, you could sell your ounces at a profit. Commodity markets also offer high amounts of leverage, which makes speculation even more attractive.

The main difference between speculators and hedgers is their approach to risk. Speculators thrive on uncertainty and look to make as much profit as possible to offset said risk. Hedgers, on the other hand, aim to limit their risk exposure by taking an offsetting position in another security.

Like every approach to dealing in the financial markets, being a speculator comes with its unique advantages and disadvantages. These include:. Economic welfare — Speculators provide much-needed capital for young companies to grow and expand. At the very least, they offer price support for assets that are temporarily out of favor among other traders.

Doing so helps drive the economy forward. Increased market liquidity — Since speculators are actively trading, their actions pump cash to the markets where they participate. No one wants to buy or sell in an illiquid market. The characteristics of this type of market include wide spreads between bid and ask prices and the inability to make trades at a fair market price. Risk bearing — Because speculators have a higher risk tolerance, they are often a good source of financing for companies.

Risk of unreasonable prices — Speculative activities can sometimes push prices way above or below their fair values. These price fluctuations may be in the short term only, but they can often have long-term impacts.

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