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Vaamaa forex services private limited meaning

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vaamaa forex services private limited meaning

PVT LTD 5 ANAND SANTHI UPYPTC SRI SAIRAM SPINNERS PRIVATE LIMITED SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED VAAMAA SPINTEX PRIVATE LIMITED. ABY SYSTEM PVT LTD ACCEL - ICIM SYSTEMS & SERVICES LTD ACCEL GENIOUS TOYS PVT LTD LITTLE ORIENTAL BALM & PHARMACEUTICALS LKP FOREX. The Registered Address of the Trademark Applicant Vaamaa Forex Services Pvt. Ltd. is WZ, G/F, MUKHRAM PARK EXTENSION, TILAK NAGAR, NEW DELHI IONFOREX The data dump plan for a exporting data to with network access control rules customized as per your. Client via the accessible at Since either by a Serial cable or. This is why Windows Report breaks remote access of engine, it takes your appointment on the big three:. Another way would to remotely support their internal and no configuration file provide users with.

Tho shop are largo and apparently complete iu ever department. It would seem difficult to have any works betb-r arranged and adapted for tbe purpose. Besides the side windows thero is a glass cupola, extending the entire length, for the better lighting of the building. Of course her- tho various material» aro all brought in a prepared.

The men iu charge speak highly in tt? The Iron machine shop, a building x50 feet was next vi-it-d. Overhead i» a great shaft 1 IO feet long driven by a quarter twist belt, and In its turn driving all the ma'hinery ot the building. The Londonderry work? I believe, where iron smelting i? Each ax! The mann«-r In which the wheel» aro forced on the axle is interesiing to tnooo who never saw It before. Each wheel Is shaped and each axle carefully turned to the proper size and then they aro forced Together by a powerful hydraulic pres.?

Yest-rdav an enormou? Th-ia are several other buildings. I wa qulto surprised to learn that nearlv nil the o«k lumbor needed has to be imported from Michigan. Forth has long be«-u notod for It? You touch the pride of a native of Perth when reterence is made to the schools. Probably no. In some places the only way in which the name of Porth ho.? It has now an excellent collegiate lu-stltutc. The history of the town and of many of Us successful ams who have gone elsewhere will illustrate the value and the advantage of liberal educational facilities for tho rising generation.

THK I. Would that as much could Le raid for our immigrants from countries with great Christian advantage-. TKl: on. Purine tho fifteen years sin-e confederation the ordinary expense? Itlsthisdebt ind the further dooponing of the rliaune.

O'M a a voarly charge On th- canals over Montreal harbor ha? Ho ha ru pcatcdly hrouu'hi heforo tho House of Com mon subject» affecting tho iutorost? Whou ho visited tho Australian colonies about four years ago. Mayoralty ho was presented by a largo aud in-tluential body of colonists with a superb oporgue in recognition of his aorvlcos to the colonies. McArthur's term in tbe Lord Mavor's chair. After giving the ojdnton of Mr.

Howley Palmor late Governor or the Bank of England , in moving a vote of thunks to the retiring Lord Mayor, to the effect that in his long experience of tho city he remembered none who tilled tho K sitiou with moro ability aud urbanity than Mr. Alderman McArthur, tho above paper says. John Walter. Although serving bis own denomination, tbo Methodists, to tbe best of hi.? Mention is made in detail of Mr.

McArthur's official patronage of many worthy public movements. Among the di-tinguished persons and bodies named as having been entertained with honors at tbe Mansion House during the period in review are: General Sir Frederick Roberts, the hero of Afghanistan ; tho aged missionary and good soldier of the cross in Africa.

Moffat; the repre-entativos of the colonies attended bv H. She King of tho Sandwich Island? Medical Congress, and tbo veteran statesman and Premier. Tho review of tho Cihj Press closes with an eulogium upon tho mannor in which tho Lady Mayoress fulfilled her important share of. Gault Bros. MI» At. Tho residents have long felt the Inconvenience of having to come into Montreal to carry on the most trilling mail correspondence, and havo decided, if possible, to remedy tho ovll.

It is proposed to save the expense of a regular postmaster by detalllhg tho duties of tho office upon the toll-gate kaepor, making him a small allowance extra to Indemnify hiai for tho service. Tbe toll gate Is the most centrally situated point for the mailing and delivering of totters, and It is thought that tho keeper, while taking ibotoll money from tho people, would find little or no trouble in ttamling and receiving their mail matter at one aud the same tlnso.

Tho Idea Is certainly unique but good lu point of economy and show? Very few farmer? The scarcity of produco cause»! Market gardener? H c per barrel ; onions. I itriT. Montreal I nnieuxo. He to 25c nor lh: common prints. Drcshrp Horju, Motton am» Porr.

But the debts on real estate do not represent half the debts which the Provlneo owes, one way and the other. There are county, township, town and city debts. These are debts to the banks anil ordir. There are railway debts, ami. It has been the fashion with some people in England to cast stones at Canadian financial investments, and to follow too completely the hoe and cry set np by certain Grit journals and politicians whenever any great, enterprise is set on foot in this country.

I low far this pollcv is instilled is to be seen by the success which has attended every investment here that has been decently well managed. The affairs of the Trnstand Loan v'otnpany may be taken as a case in point. It is true that n great deal of money has been lost in tho Grand Trunk und «ome other Canadian railways ; but it must be borne in mind that such railways were built at a cost per mile enormously out of proportion to that for which such roads can be built to-day.

Tho fact remains that when yare fuljy and judiciously handled. English capita! Motor project scorns like taking Crm ground at last and the possessor of the grand secret to bo on tbe eve of vindication by the unanswerable logic of success. Whatever the gutshle world may think, tho men who have millions in It must be allowed to be the keenest judges and tho best authorities on the probabilities of the ultimate Issue of the agency tiiat is to revolntionlic our motive power.

It Ik always well to await events. The achievements of science, which may be said to have a'. Hut time has wrought wondots, and the witchcraft of days not far re mote has now become u handicraft. Tbe revenue of tbe Dominion for the first live mouths of the current llscal year shows tho remarkable oxcesx of a million and three nuar-ters over the same period of IMM. These figures are far from plea sant and reassuring.

Thinking mon see in them the shadow of Impending trouble. They tell a double tale of fiscal blundering and reck-loxstradlng. The mere fact of withdrawing so nitph money from cituulailou am! Wo are already on the ragged edge of a money stringency the outcome of which no one dates to predict People will Und out some fine day that they are not made richer by being more heavily taxed. Business men will discover that the Government cannot make tbo country prosperous by act of Parlla-mt-nt And it will dawn upon Sir John that false flscal principles like dogs have their day.

His lordship was greatly taken aback by the nows, and telegraphed and wrote from Canada, urging his sister at any rate to delay her intended marriage until his return. Butit was of no avail. The couple wvro married off hand in tho Homan Catholic Church at liammer-tmith ami have gone to reside In that neighborhood. Lady Gertrude has some means of her own. The Grand Trunk ha- not bougat tip- North Sh re line becausi- it was necessary or advantageous.

That Company havo no ontW to Quebec, and had tln-v secured control of the North Shore line it is likely that a considerable proportion of their trahie from tho west would have passed over it. Now there will be little If any of the volume of the Northwestern produce shipped to Quebec by this route, us the Syndicate will pn-fer to avail themselves of tlndr connections with American linos, and thoGrand Trunk traffic can be accommodated by its own lino on the South Shore.

The effect will be to deprive Quebec of anv advantage from tire con-neotion with tbe North West- It is anotinv tlngrant instance of the manner in which be Province has been injured and impoverished by corrupt rulers. Ball, for twentv-oue yean minister of Knox Church. Guelph, was recently Inducted into the pastoral charge of. Bruce, of Si. Catharines, Out. John, N. The new chun-h at Neepawa, Manitoba, was opened for divine hervlces on tho l!

Lee, B. Robert Gardiner. Bull having resigned tho parish of Spring Hill. Hartley Carmichael, the new rector of the Church of the Asce. Canon Morrell, M. Mills, B. Caswell, M. The Rev. Ernest C. Saunders has resigned the charire of the parish of West Sbelford, Que.

Tho Rev. Dixon, rector of St. In Carroll County, Md. He first sturt. Alter travelling all over Pennsylvania, ho ro turned with the statement that he had been robbed. His career has proved him to be sharp, shrewd, and u rascal, abusing the confidence and Imposing upon the charity of people wherever lie goes.

Odr cen'ury has seen great things. Eet Christianized nations beware of neglecting tho Dlvino warnings! Ruin would speedily overtake them were thiy to forget that all tho prosperity, light, liberty and civilization they can boast of, they owe to God and to the liospt-l!

Result : Ten years ago le. To-day there are more titan 2. Of to. Tut: Rf-tokath. Tho commissioners sent by the so-I ciety to Palestine, for the purpose of surveying j thccountiy with a view to colonization, report ; that land is easily procurable in the north, I where it is most fertile. In Syria, the society has just pur-chafed a plot of land in tho neighborhood of Beyrouth. More land Is procurable in the district lying between the Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon. The commercial prospects of the country, too.

Japan Dally Herald says that the Rev. Verbeck narrates a very hopeful incident. A rule was adopted for the Japanese army, that every soldier should give a small amount to provide for the funeral expenses, and for tbe widows and children of those who might die in the service.

A young Christian soldier refused to pay his quota, saying that he was willing to give towards the support of the families of deceased comrades, and for ordinary funeral expenses, but not for the heathen rites of a Japanese bnrial. He, however, remained firm. Tho matter, of necessity, was referred to the Government. Much anxiety was felt in relation to tho decision.

The Government re. Tbe i chiefs then asked leave to retire for consultation. Alt'he men went out with them. They 1 sent in odco to know the cost of a church to ac-I commodate and whether they should 1 expect any help from England. Three of the native cat punters have made a line pulpit for tho new church. Twill ktrengtheu mill burden thelimbu. Windlass and Spring Skates.

Cornrr Crain and St. Mother of-Peari and febell. OPT tii. Toronto, preached hla farewell sermon on the 20th ult. From amongst these voting men we shall send, In a short time, our first pioneer evangelist to the W. Tnwiuoiso Sap-hire», P»r. CryitallLod and Ois'es. Catherine street and Phillips aqnare. Lost, Strayed and Found. All Winter Ciotbmg retlueetl. GlaeZ and Crystallized, finest Malaga Frntt». Jama, Marmalade-. A Rnvrttc. Box 7'! West -d.

Address M R. Adonas F. Add rets A. Victoria aqaue. Montreal, Uth Eec. Apply at the haaeueut ottbe American Pierujterian Chorea. Entrance tn the rear. In the Brooke, «a id Outrriuonl, sliuate on St. Apply by letter to Mrs. Hoi , Poet Office. Apply iutmciluitely nttiilj Durrhester street.

Aunlv batwern IV. Apply between 1'J and'2 o'eloek a I tili City l oum-iHort etreef. ANTED, joung girl, about 14,? Apply Immediately. Apply at once at US St. Lake el, orner Fort street. Empioymont Wanted. R OOM, Furnished, to let. Antoine ft. Business Cards. Coed men only employed and work done »fter each anowfnl. Antoine street. Conreepondence promptly answered. OoBBMciaK at 8 30 ». M at Ml. TI Woobly. Woodberry treats his subjoct, not ioch-» two thousand were present, and Mr.

He asked them to do this because it was taking up a cross. Tuis was an entirety voluntary act o:i their part and was not the result of per soi al persuasion. It contributed to the spread of literature, and thus to popular civilization. It helped the Reformation, and seems still to possess unlimited capacities for usefulness in the future in both the intellectual and artistic education of the people, and it may yet, says Mr.

A lively story of a young girl, who had been brought up by an indulgent father in the South Sea Islands, but who is suddenly introduced into the very diflerent atmosphere of a New l. Witness be lleved that Mr. Archambault supplied the furniture for the building. For the construction of the Roy street school it was necessary to construct a pile work. The ground for this school was purchased from Messrs. Drolet Rivard. Roblllard gave some further unliuportan dc'ails iu couuectiou with the Atoy street school The Commission then adjourned until Mon day evening.

Potter sold the small brick house No. Il Y on com-ANV. MauhsUan Metropolitau. Naw Tor's. On the fifth evening Mr. Momly venture»! A K«b-'»». A horrible story of abuse inflicted in that institution has -Ate. A very simple and yet eloquent and powerful presentation of Gospel truth will be found in The Story of. Mackav first pictures the rich and beautiful city of Damascus, and describes the envied position of its popular an»l successful general, who, yet, amM all his glory, knew well that the dark shadow under which he walked would never lift until he laid what was left of his loathsome body in an untimely graTc.

If you coase before God ai a sua of mt-ht, strong »n your own tufScleacy. He will tell you that Christ die-i for th- oagoi y. If yoe c me like a proud sad pompous mta. He will run to meet you to g-. He fit. Mackay «ara : Htaha.

Kluhe know fall weii that the enjoyment of the peace of God end worship in the home of Ftimmon were ir. It is by the talented artist, Wi! Gibson, and exe-cuted by some twenty-five or thirty gifted artists. Rosy, by Mrs. Molcswortb, is an English story. It tells how a little girl learned to overcome a number of bad habits aud especially a strong tendency to jealousy. They are by Lucy C. Thoro is an active demand and high price continue to be paid for good cows, but sural!

The attendance was large and ot a representative ns tur-. A motion was made by Mr Wallace seconded by Mr. White and seconded by Mr. Carrie was carried. Star first Vice President. Mcon l Vice-Pre». Stewart, tjuebec Chronicle; Secretary Treasurer, R.

Cadette; Jam-s Stewart, Herald: A. Jfhtene : C H. Waterloo A deer liter. Moniteur de t ommerre. White, H. Dalbv, L. It was resolved that all applications for membership bo su! Colson, seconded by Mr. Thibault, and reaolved. Howard J. Logan, of the Star, and would resp-ctfully render to the family of the deceased an assur ance of heartfelt sympathy in their bereavement.

Sabbath-scliool snd Blhle-Clsss at 3 p. Seau always free. John J Casey, pastor, will preach to morrow at 11 a. Sabbath tcbool snd Bible-Clatt at 3 p. All are Invited. Stranger» made welcome and shown to «oats. C'asacwNT Smarr Pttr. The Kev. Profxeor Campbell. All are cordially la vltohai. Preacher, Vary Kov. Dean Bsldwlo. After aoou Service. Kveatng aer vt. Dean Baldwin. Morning service at Bnaday schoul aud Blble-Ulaaeea at 3 p.

Kvenlog at 7. Edgar Hill, M. Week dsy service. Weduetdsy « « p m. Preacher, the Rev. Evening service at p. Preacher, the Rector, the Rev. The Rev, J, V. Garrett will preach Iu this church to morrow Bab tathl morning at 11 o'clock and evening at 7 o'clock. All are Invite»!. Ottawa Btrkkt MmioDigr Church. Sabbath school and Bible Haases at 3 p. All are cor dtaliy lavliad.

Stranger conducted to seat a Zion Church. Late Wesley , St. Catherine et. Service Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. Kvenlug service at 7 p. Honre of service 11 Am. Sunday-school at 3 p. Honre ot service, preaching at 11 am. Bnnday school at P. Knox Chctich Prr.

Service on Sabbath at 11 a. The pastor will preach to-morrow morning and evening. Strangers cordially welcome»! Bible-Class con ducted by the Rev. Prof, Campbell and the Sabbath school at 3 p-m. Hrnhi MrruoDi. Pastor, the Rev. Preaching at 11 a. Lecture by tho Rev. A cordial welcome to all. Strange; s shown to seats. Services at 11 aul and 7 p. Young People's Association on Tuesday at 8 p. Prayer meeting on Ktl.

All are invited. Sparling, M. Special Evangelistic Service in the evening. Strangers cordially Invited and shown to seats. John Potts, D. It is hy thejudl clou» use ot such article» of diet that a constitution may ho gradually built up untU atrong enough to resist every tendency to dUeaso. HBndreds of subtle maladies aro floating around ua ready to attack wherever there la a weak teint. Hold only iu packet» and tlua ty ib.

Ark You at 8 loss to know what to select for preaentat then call at either of Mr. Janies atreet, or brauoh, It 3t. Catherine street His aelectlon this year surpasaes any prnvloualyahown, for books. Young gentlemen desiring to present their lady lore with a nice gift can be readily suited and, vice-versa, a more difficult task, youug ladles crii readily find a suitable present tor gentleman. Knormous Sale ok Christman Cakdh. Clarkes book store, Heaver Uall square. His stock ia attracting liwuetuo num bers of visitors.

Lawrence street. Catherine Mlrcer. Church Decoration Committee. Tnonday, 2 p. Ladles' A! Ladies'Aid SoHety. Pivncher, the Ven. Canon C'armlebaeL. Open till NINE ovory night. James street. P'ihit SL Chat! Slinday-aehnol at 3 Km. In tha Yictotla Misklon. Sunday schooUnd Bible t. The pnblle are cordially invited. Strangers shown to seats. James Mcffa-H.

Prayer meeting on Wednesday avan. Strsngera mado welcome. Praachlng at 7 p. Lariat'a patlanr. Must writo a fa'r liauJ and apeak both langnagoa. Apply lo P. Bos 2 IleferoocM etchauged. Catherine etrvst. December 10, A complota antortmeut of tUe«« Etomlard Oaodp coastaatly on hand. IVfcilchpnth Pcnchca. Barilt'U Pcuro. Aprlcala and Gfeen Gaara. Freeh Ground every day.

Soper lb. Par f 1. English Cboddar Loaf. Farllngei s Cheddar. Panons' Stilton. First Prlre Cstia! A cordial welcome I» attended to all to call and czamlno the clock In advance of making kurcbatei. Full liuen of Ileal lltii'heaNe and li-i'. Dealer In I. They are the lightest, noatest and the most solid skate made.

Skates ground and polished, 25c per pair. IIIS'4 Ht. Calheritie Street. Balance of Christmas Goods in u few doys. Retail Department. James street, cor. Peter, Montreal. James street, Quebec Gate Station. HocneUga and Mile End Depots. General Passenger A«ont. Tickets good for the day only. December 22nd. Trains leave Bonaventure Station : R. Including liability. Pi-ovlnclitl Manager. Province of Quebec, » Dialrlct of Montreal. Etigli n nii.

Mecbanies aud all do not lei thia grand chance slip you by. A Kranch Ofii. Catherine street opposite tho Queen's Hall Hlock. Deposits will be received at interest aud a general tacking business transacted. Saturdays excepted. Houses for sale.

Rcxldencee, Doable Tenement, 27, 29 Kichmond square. House No 1 Cypress, facing Windsor Hotel. Handsome Villa Residence. Redpath street. Fine Residences. House and Garden, No. Handsome Double Cut-stone Cottage. L rosin streat. University street. Property oor. Dorchester and Ht. Phliitp atreet». Flrst-clatt Stone Honae. Nos 6 Stanley street. Send for Catalogue containing particulars of the above and other properties which I am offering for sale.

Mordhetoner't Hall, Ht. AT Rltowrs Dill! Itc caoh. M from. If npwnrJN. Compare the Price» of Our Dolls. Make many a poor eh'ld happy by glvtne hlm one o the above. In commemoration 7 Shaheed Statue was unveiled in And finally he was sent to jail for 2 years with rigorous punishment. He is called Crusader of communal harmony and peace. His native district was also badly affected. Shyam Babu was shocked to see the brutality of the riots and so he took a daring decision to protest and to establish peace and avoiding the killings of human beings.

This has never ever happened in the history on the planet Earth but sad, the world only recognised when some unfortunate happened whether it is Pearl Harber, Nagasakhi , Heroshima and Jalian Wala Bag but saving the lives and avoiding killings of huge lives of male, female and children gone unnoticed by the World and Shyam Narayan singh remained unsung Hero. Government tried to honour Shyam Babu on several occasions, but he was different, he said I was meant for Peace and Harmony, Justice to Mankind.

Postage Stamp On Him. Finally, government of India acknowledged it and issued postage stamp on 24th Jan on his th birth anniversary. Nepal was disturbed and It was also in the eyes of Sardar Patel who wished Nepal to be a part of India. Maharaja Tribhuvan knew Shyam Babu and His brilliant drafting, political vision and technical ability, he called him through Sir CPNSingh at Nepal Embassy Where Maharaja was taking shelter and then he started writing the draft of merger of Nepal with India as per the wish of Maharaja.

Just imagine- what would have happened If Nepal would have been a state of India. Former President Late Dr. Pranab Mukherjee had mentioned it in his book, recently released. But in Feb this inside story was published in a newspaper.

A very special work of unsung hero remained. Unsung, unnoticed. Till his last coin, he worked for Peace, Harmony, Education and Eradication of poverty. So Shyam Babu is yesterday, today and will remain tomorrow. PrabhakarShyam, Er. Sanjiv Kumar. Kailash Bihari Singh is taking forward his work along with his friend Er.

Yusuf Ex deputy Director DD bihar. The Foundation is fortunate and blessed with elderly advice and patronage by eminent personalities of Bihar. Immanuel Joshua , Film Actress Dr. Leander Peas , Wrestling Champion Dr. Sangram Singh , Army Officers Col. Brief Profile Of Hon'ble Mr. Mehra is an accomplished Business Professional who ventured in the area of commodities and financial field and dealt with a few well renowned companies worldwide. In , the group diversified and floated a dedicated management consultancy firm — VAAMAA FOREX Services Private Limited — offering management consultancy services for aspiring project owners seeking innovative and alternative project financing solutions.

Now Hon'ble Mr. Madhu Krishan , Chief Governor H. Bishop Dr. Some Photos Captured during the Zoom Conference are below. Madhu Krishan Organized by Dr. He was also honoured with a Trophy. RE-bounce - An idea to Re-Form the way learning was done and let the new approach to reach every corner of the world and not be trapped in the boundaries of resource ability, judgement, availability and reachability.

The Platform where our head is held high and we have the freedom to choose what we want to do and our knowledge is shared worldwide. If history is taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten. A story which started roughly a month back, a simple thought, just a ripple in our minds took a massive shape right from scratch into the conviction to which the entire universe has conspired to realize it into a huge global learning marathon.

Today, RE-bounce — , transcended all the physical, cultural and language barriers created an unbeatable huge impact on evidence based and updated knowledge sharing on a single stage. RE-bounce — , a relentless barrage of knowledge, practical approach, learning and fun delivered and orated by few of the top most legendary dream speakers from different parts of the world.

The Crown got its Prestige with the presence of our Chairperson for the conference- Dr. Uma Sen Gupta India , Dr. Idris Hafiz UK and Dr. Silverio Di Roca Italy. Himanshu Sharma India , Dr. Queen Amb. Earlier HM. His Excellency Sir Dr. Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Changing the world appears to be a huge task that we must not ignore, to do so, we do so at our peril.

For me, changing the world is a moral and intellectual duty, and we can all play a part and take steps to achieve it. I would like to convey my special gratitude to His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan the founder of this remarkable International Organisation and for bestowing me the privilege and honour to work closely with him at the Academy in educating our mission for world peace.

He is no doubt a most remarkable and spiritual leader. She is an inspirational force in my life and I dedicate this article to her and the Academy. Only through education and integrity, are we able to solve conflicts and achieve global peace. In the world we live, education is the bridge toward solidarity, harmony, inclusiveness, shared responsibility, goodwill, and other universal values that make our lives better.

Education means setting ourselves free, and freedom is the absolute necessity that enables us to become a more just society. During my entire career, I have been fighting to make universal values a practical reality for as many people as possible. Humanity is stronger than yesterday, but peace and universal values are not a permanent state of being. Contrary to that belief, I have been aware during my entire life that peace and universal values are an objective toward which we should strive continually.

We can improve our lives and everyone's lives only through continuous effort. Thinking in terms of Heraclites, the only way we can achieve peace and universal values is through continual change. Peace and universal values are vital because, through them, we create a better world to live. The Academy is enabling me to provide a significant contribution in this field.

As an Ambassador, I shall provide all my knowledge, influence and network to help the Academy make an enormous impact in our societies. Although many people may see politics as depraved today, I think we can achieve great things through governments and continual collaboration.

Hence, apart from my knowledge, I shall be providing all my support to the disposition of the Academy. Through our connections and cooperation, we shall create solidarity, equality, inclusiveness, shared responsibility, and harmony the core values that accompany our lives. I was fortunate enough to have been nominated and invited to the Academy as an Ambassador by her Majesty Queen Dr.

Uba Inwanwa and since then, have been carefully following the work of the. We are all humans that live under the same sun. Hence, we all deserve peace and universal values in our lives. For more than two decades, this University has been a global think tank helping scholars understand more and contribute further in the field of peace.

As an academic, I know that universities have been leading civilisations since their early days. Universities have helped humanity transcend the medieval period and are helping us today to achieve global peace and live according to universal values. Universities are the essential medium for bringing a culture of peace globally. The University for Global Peace and its many campuses worldwide have been doing this by educating and preparing global civil communities.

These communities are the medium toward a better world where everyone can live in peace and embrace universal values. The fundamental role of this University is also well-known globally and so is its mission. Another thing that I should like to mention is the contribution of the University for helping scholars with their doctoral studies in Peace and Conflict studies and therapeutic Jurisprudence.

As an Academic, I am delighted that I shall contribute by sharing my knowledge and experience to further what is essentially a platform to the understanding of peace and humanity as we prepare a better future for generations to come. I would therefore like to leave this world with the knowledge that I have left a legacy for promoting global peace, that humanity has been educated in what it truly means to love one another as you love yourself.

Written By. Sir Patrick Bijou. Sir Patrick Bijou is a published Author. A man of integrity, a Humanist whose passion to care for the less privileged brought us together for a mission and service to humanity. I humble myself with gratitude to God.

The Certificates issued to H. Patrick Bijou are below. Switch Editions? Mark channel Not-Safe-For-Work? Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Viewing all articles. First Page Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page Browse latest View live. MOU Between.

This document establishes the guiding terms and principles of collaboration between the two institutions. United Nations Headquarters, New York. Published By Dylbere Dika,. Monarchy of HRM. Royalty and greatness in leadership run in his bloodline. Baroness Dr. Brotherhood is the fundamental culture of the foundation of the Igbos wherever they are.

Bloodline is most powerful bond among the Igbos. Uba Iwunwa and Eze Ndigbo Ghana maintained oneness through humanitarian mission with the World Peace Committee and also in the entertainment industry. Eze Ndigbo Ghana funded so many Nollywood movies as an avenue for career opportunities for many people no matter their race, tribe and religion.

He's the owner of Chibet group of companies who has been a source of employment opportunity for Africans in Ghana and beyond. Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu Eze-ohazurume 1. He rules with deep insight like one with the third sight and awes all with light humour but right might. He wins hearts with art set apart and compels respect in every aspect.

What then could one expect but almost slavish loyalty to such a royalty! He, like his other eight siblings, had a humble background. Hence, while in school back in Nigeria, Chukwudi indulged in trading, as a typical young Igbo man. Thence did he develop his business and entrepreneurial skills.

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