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Terms from forex

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terms from forex

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This is the maximum supply A financial instrument is a monetary contract between two parties that allows one party to transfer to another party an asset, like cash, shares in You have brains in your head. Your feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. Forexpedia Are you new to forex trading and not familiar with all the trading jargon? Term of the Day Mintage Cap Most cryptocurrencies will eventually stop being created when they reach a predetermined amount known as a mintage cap.

Read More. Read this Term industry is full of unusual terms, acronyms, and words that we can often be left in a little bit of a head spin. Getting used to trading can be challenging enough when being introduced to new platforms such as MT4, MT5 and so on. Coupled with alien terminology and not understanding such trading language can be a great hindrance to a trader's journey and profitability.

Read on for a guide on some of the core terms which every Forex Trader should know to help them to build their forex trading knowledge. There are recognized currencies in circulation being used in countries. As traders, we can speculate on the performance of a certain currency by using a range of analysis and research to determine how that currency will perform in the marketplace.

How we trade these currencies is based on one currency's performance against another - Forex Trading. When selecting a currency to trade, you will notice that these come in pairs. Cross Pairs - These are any 2 major currencies which do not contain the US Dollar as the base or counter currency.

These are deemed more volatile than Major Pairs. Exotics - These are quite literally exotic currencies, lesser well-known currencies which can be extremely volatile in the market. Leverage is, in essence, borrowed money from within a trading account. Trading with leverage allows a trader to open a position with a high contract size with less expenditure.

High leveraged trading is an effective way to trade your favorite Forex pairs, Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies By using cryptography, virtual currencies, known as cryptocurrencies, are nearly counterfeit-proof digital currencies that are built on blockchain technology. Comprised of decentralized networks, blockchain technology is not overseen by a central authority. Therefore, cryptocurrencies function in a decentralized nature which theoretically makes them immune to government interference.

The term, cryptocurrency derives from the origin of the encryption techniques that are employed to secure the networks which are used to authenticate blockchain technology. Every cryptocurrency transaction that occurs is logged in a web-based ledger with blockchain technology. These then must be approved by a disparate network of individual nodes computers that maintain a copy of the ledger.

Bitcoin still contributes the majority of the overall cryptocurrency market volume, though several other cryptos have grown in popularity in recent years. Indeed, out of the wake of Bitcoin, iterations of Bitcoin became prevalent which resulted in a multitude of newly created or cloned cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies promise a wide range of technological innovations that have yet to be structured into being.

Simplified payments between two parties without the need for a middle man is one aspect while leveraging blockchain technology to minimize transaction and processing fees for banks is another. Of course, cryptocurrencies have their disadvantages too. This includes issues of tax evasion, money laundering, and other illicit online activities where anonymity is a dire ingredient in solicitous and fraudulent activities. By using cryptography, virtual currencies, known as cryptocurrencies, are nearly counterfeit-proof digital currencies that are built on blockchain technology.

Read this Term and much more without investing vast amounts of capital. The bid price is the price a trader is willing to sell a currency pair. The ask price is the price a trader will buy a currency pair. The difference between the bid and ask price is known as The Spread. When a trader is going long on a currency pair the first part of the pair is bought while the second is sold.

Going long or buying a currency means that you expect the price to rise.

Terms from forex forex plastic terms from forex


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Elliot Wave Theory Elliot theory according to which prices movement has a waveform 5 waves upward, 3 waves downward. Existing and New Home Sales macro-economic indicator of real estate sales at the secondary housing market. F Factory Orders production orders orders for durable and non-durable goods. Flag is a pattern on a technical analysis chart indicating situation when currency price goes up significantly, and after that moves in a narrow range for some time, and then falls rapidly.

Forecast Estimation of future trend of price movement, taking into account historical data of technical analysis and current macro-economic indicators. Foreign Currency is a currency of any foreign country which can be used as a medium of circulation in another country.

Forward Market "forward" currency market where currency transactions are concluded at the prices set today, but at a future time specified in the contract. Fundamental Analysis is a method of forecasting price changes which is built up on the analysis of the current economic situation.

Gap is a break on the price chart of technical analysis which is caused by the difference in opening price of a new day and the closing price the day before. Gross Domestic Product GDP aggregate value of goods and services produced in a country in a certain period of time. Gross National Product GNP gross domestic product plus income, gained from investments or work performed overseas. Hedgeable characteristic of a transaction when risk of changes in currency rate can be covered by hedging.

Housing Starts and Permits macro-economic index which shows the number of houses under construction and the number of construction permits. Indicator Only quotes which contain information and which are not used for opening currency positions. Indirect Quote cost per unit of domestic currency indicated in the foreign currency units. Indicator data which gives information on the general state of economy or financial markets. Industrial Production is an economic index, indicator of industrial production, which shows total output amount of national plants.

Initial Margin value of initial deposit which shall be invested as a guarantee for transactions in the future. Interbank Rates currency rates set by large International Banks for the other large International Banks. Interest Rate is a sum of money which is credited or paid to a lender by a borrower for the use of money. Instant Execution technology of instant transactions execution when streaming quotes are available in the online mode. Investor a holder of financial resources on whose behalf currency transactions are conducted at the currency market.

J Jobless Claims economic indicator, showing a number of the registered unemployed. L Last average value of the last bid and ask values; the price of the last transaction. Liquid Currency currency which can be bought or sold without restrictions at the world financial market.

Margin is an insurance deposit which provides cover of possible losses of a marginal trade, and is used as a pledge. Margin Call a message from a broker to a trader saying that it is necessary to increase funds on marginal account.

Market Maker a large bank or financial company which has significant share of market operations and which exerts influence on the current level of currency rates. Market Maker Spread is a difference between the currency buying and selling price, established by a market maker. Market order an order which is not limited either by time period, or by price and which should be performed immediately at the best current price.

Market Users medium sized bank or financial company which uses current quotes established by market makers, for currency operations. Momentum is a characteristic of a price movement; speed of change in currency price. N Net Factory Orders macro-economic indicator which shows the increase in a number of industrial orders.

Nonfarm payrolls number of employees on the payroll excluding agricultural sector. O Offer is the price at which a buyer is requested to make a purchase. Open order orders for open positions which will be performed when a declared currency price is reached. Oscillator a technical analysis tool utilized by the market, to predict the future course of a currency. Overbought a market situation which takes place after a rapid and significant currency rise.

Oversold a situation in the market which happens after a rapid and significant currency decline. Q Quotation the price of one currency, indicated in the units of another currency. Resistance Level a horizontal or inclined price level on the chart; upper limit of price fluctuation. Retracement correction of a trend, rollback of a trend for a certain value to an opposite direction, after which original movement is resumed. Roll-over the way of transferring Stop-Loss orders to more favourable positions.

S Scalping prompt strategy of gaining profit with the help of insignificant changes of the currencies prices. Short position an open position for selling currency with the intention to buy it in the future at a lower price. Spot transaction which is carried out immediately but with the payment made within two days from the moment of its conclusion.

Spread difference between buying and selling prices of the currency, indicated in points. Stop Limit pending orders; execution of the order is delayed by a dealer until the price at the market reaches the level, specified in the order. Support Level horizontal or inclined price level on the chart; upper limit of price fluctuation.

Swap points points calculated in advance for transferring open position to the next day with the help of swap operation. Technical Analysis is a method of forecasting future price direction with the help of price charts examination. Trade Balance trade balance is the difference between export and import values over a certain period of time.

Trading platform a set of software and hardware supporting trading in the market. A rise in the exchange rate of a currency pair shows that the base currency is appreciating against the counter-currency or that the counter-currency is depreciating against the base currency. Similarly, a fall in the exchange rate shows that the base currency is depreciating against the counter-currency or that the counter-currency is appreciating against the base currency.

At any given moment, each currency pair has two exchange rates or prices — the bid price and the ask price. The bid price is the price at which buyers are willing to buy, while the ask price is the price at which sellers are willing to sell. Given its nature, the bid price is always lower than the ask price.

In the end, buyers buy at the ask price, and sellers sell at the bid price. This means that each price plotted on your chart represents the market equilibrium at that point of time — the price at which the majority of market participants are willing to transact. Each time you enter into a trade, you have the pay transaction costs for that trade. Swing traders and position traders who have a longer-term approach to trading are less affected by the spread as they open a smaller number of positions and have relatively higher profit targets.

A pip is short from Percentage in Point and represents the smallest increment that an exchange rate can move up or down. Usually, one pip equals to the fourth decimal of most currency pairs. However, some currency pairs have their pips located at the second decimal place, mostly yen-pairs. A pip represents the fourth decimal place of most currency pairs, but there is an even smaller increment that prices can change. Going long simply means to buy, while going short means to sell.

In equity markets, most traders are long in anticipation of rising prices. However, in derivative markets, such as options and futures, there is always an equal number of longs and shorts in the market, because each new contract that is bought needs a corresponding seller who needs to go short, and vice-versa.

Since retail Forex is mostly traded with CFDs , traders are able to bet both on rising prices and falling prices. Support and resistance are one of the most important concepts in technical analysis. Technical traders analyse only price-moves as they believe that the price reflects are available fundamental information, and support and resistance trading plays an important role in that analysis.

The markets are made of crowds of people that speculate, hedge, trade, invest or gamble in the markets. Since people have memory, they remember certain price-levels where the price had difficulties to break below in the past. They place their buy orders around those levels, as they believe that the price will again fail to break below.

This is how support levels are formed. In other words, a support level is a previous low at which the price has a large chance to retrace and move up. While support levels are based on previous lows, resistance levels track previous highs at which the price had difficulties to break above.

Traders remember those levels and place their sell orders around them, as they believe that those levels will again provide selling pressure and move the price down. Since fresh memory is more important than old memory, recent support and resistance levels usually have a higher importance than old support and resistance levels. The Forex market is open around the clock and offers traders to profit not only on rising prices, but also on falling ones.

However, there is another reason why a large number of traders feel attracted to the Forex market — leverage. Trading on leverage allows traders to open a much larger position size than their initial trading account size would otherwise allow, and the Forex market is known for extremely high leverage ratios offered by retail brokers.

However, bear in mind that trading on extremely high leverage is very risky, as it boosts not only your profits, but also your losses. Beginners should consider trading on a lower leverage until they gain enough experience and screen time. This will reduce losses and make sure that you stay in the game in the long run.

Learn more, take our Trading for Beginners course 14 Margin When trading on leverage, your broker will allocate a portion of your trading account size as the collateral for the leveraged trade. The position size you take on the market determines the size of your profits and losses in dollar value by affecting the value of a single pip.

In the Forex market, one standard lot standard position size equals to Fortunately, traders with smaller account sizes can take smaller trades with mini-lots Some brokers even allow you to trade on nano-lots units of the base currency. In any case, calculate your lot size in dependence of the size of your stop-loss so that you remain inside your risk-management boundaries.

So, you want to become a day trader and join the hundreds of thousands of day traders who are living in the UK? Then this…. Day trading is one of the most popular trading styles in the Forex market. However, becoming a successful day trader involves a lot of blood,….

Want to day trade for a living? Online trading allows you to trade on financial markets from the comfort of your home. All you need to start trading is a computer with…. Next: Step 2 of 4.

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