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These and many other similar initiatives were to provide a larger context for building peace over the long term. Evolving trajectories: preventive diplomacy and peacemaking Perhaps the most significant indicator of the dynamic UN peace agenda has been the constant evolution of its methodologies to achieve peace. Beginning with the challenges of post-war insecurities, the UN has constantly tried to modify its approach through the Cold War threats of large-scale interstate wars to the unprecedented spurt of civilian violence in a post-bipolar world.

While preventive diplomacy and conflict prevention have elicited a stronger focus in recent times, methodologies such as peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding have taken on new dimensions in past decades to meet emerging forms of conflict and threats. Boutros-Ghali also extended conflict prevention to actions designed to keep violent conflicts from spreading geographically Lund, The methodology of preventive diplomacy has been constantly enriched to meet new challenges.

While An Agenda for Peace highlighted the importance of early warning, mediation, confidence-building measures, fact-finding, preventive deployment and peace zones, subsequent UN policy papers such as the Agenda for Development significantly expanded preventive measures to include such diverse vectors as humanitarian aid, arms control, social welfare, military deployment and the media. The preventive diplomacy track is now the centrepiece of the emerging concept of sustaining peace. Article 33 of the UN Charter mentions various methods of peacemaking by negotiation, enquiry, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, judicial settlement, resort to regional agencies, or arrangements or other peaceful means preferred by the disputing parties.

Articles 41 and 42 of the UN Charter also allow for sanctions, blockading and violent intervention in order to restore peace between warring states. An Agenda for Peace conceptualized peacemaking as part of a spectrum of activities comprising preventive diplomacy, peacekeeping and post-conflict peacebuilding. While the usage of force has not been traditionally a part of peacemaking efforts, the Agenda opened up the possibility of intervention in civil wars under certain circumstances, overriding Articles 2.

Similarly, the role of the UN Secretary-General in peacemaking has evolved over recent decades, largely through precedents. A greater focus on preventive diplomacy during the post-Cold War era by successive Secretary-Generals has led to a remarkable rise in the deployment of personal envoys or special rapporteur to facilitate peace agreements in protracted conflicts.

To this end, intensive training programmes have been introduced for mid and senior-level officials within the UN, regional organizations, Member States and the representatives of indigenous peoples. Accordingly, peacemaking is increasingly being contextualized as an organic part of a larger continuum alongside preventive diplomacy, peacekeeping and peacebuilding. After the launch of the first UN peacekeeping mission in the Middle East in , by the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization UNTSO , peacekeeping gradually developed into one of the main UN peace and security tools to defuse complex threats to international peace and security.

The UN markedly redefined its approach to peace and security in the wake of the Suez crisis. While the UNEF was not intended to resolve conflicts, it responded in an exemplary manner to ease a tense situation during its decade-long operation. In , the UN launched a large-scale peacekeeping effort in the Congo, involving as many as 20, military personnel. Notwithstanding the limitations of the Cold War, peacekeepers contributed significantly to the cause of peace by defusing violent conflicts and creating situations conducive for negotiations between warring parties.

Indeed, the purpose and scope of UN peacekeeping operations expanded in manifold ways during the post-Cold War era with the emergence of post-conflict peacebuilding. This was a result of the post-bipolar consensus to provide a greater role for the UN to address the unprecedented rise in intrastate conflicts. The number of blue-helmeted soldiers soared from about 15, in to more than 76, in , with new responsibilities and tasks entrusted to their role. While the early peacekeeping operations served as a physical barrier between two warring parties, peacekeepers were now dealing with a number of civil war situations and supervising the post-conflict implementation of complex, multidimensional peace agreements.

In many situations, the peacekeepers carried out various police and civilian functions to help cope with underlying conflict. As of today, 16 peacekeeping operations are ongoing on four continents under the aegis of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations DPKO , with a staff of more than , military, police and civilian personnel. This marked a turning point in the UN approach to peace, together with a reorientation and broadening of UN efforts to expand peacekeeping.

The idea of post-conflict peacebuilding was initially conceived as the final stage of a consecutive transition following preventive diplomacy, peacemaking and peacekeeping. However, this sequential approach to peacebuilding proved less helpful in resolving intrastate conflicts.

The two reports also highlighted the need for closer cooperation between peacekeepers and peacebuilders to forge sustainable peace. The PBA was intended to serve as a dedicated institutional mechanism to assist countries in laying the foundations for sustainable peace and development. UN peacebuilding: critical perspectives After the publication of An Agenda for Peace, peace researchers turned their critical attention to the concept of peacebuilding.

Many felt that the emerging UN mandate for peacebuilding was grounded in the resurgence of liberal internationalism and the idea of a democratic transition to peace Bertram, ; Heathershaw, This idea was supported by development research promoting good governance to remedy fragile states, coupled with peace research asserting that democracies are unlikely to go to war against each other Gleditsch and Hegre, This view was typically applied to the aftermath of civil war, starting with the signing of a mediated peace agreement and involving financial aid from the international donor community and assistance from multilateral agencies.

Peacebuilding assistance was developed as a package of standard remedies to be applied in different contexts across the world Tschirgi, , involving the creation of an interim or transitional government; the drafting of a constitution; the development of new or revised election systems; judiciary and security sector reform SSR ; the demobilization, disarmament and reintegration of ex-combatants DDR ; post-conflict reconstruction schemes; gender equality measures; repatriation programmes for refugees; truth commissions and war crimes tribunals.

Most prominent is the contention that the new model of peacebuilding represented a hegemonic application of Western ideas and practices, applied rather condescendingly and without exploring other suitable modes of peacebuilding Mac Ginty, Writing on market liberalism and peacebuilding, researchers such as James Boyce , and Roland Paris , challenged the donor-driven preference for marketization, arguing that economic liberalization is ill-suited and counterproductive to post-conflict peacebuilding due to the potentially destabilizing effects of economic and political competition in fragile societies.

Despite the long-term effects of conflict, political violence may be a tempting option within the short time span of an election. For other democracies to avoid the same pitfalls, new and innovative approaches to peacebuilding should be encouraged, replacing narrow military solutions with non-coercive interventions designed to more comprehensively address complex environments.

Writing on the links between protracted conflicts and the structure and practice of development aid, Olympio Barbanti argues that development practitioners tend to overlook conflict scenarios that are present prior to interventions, and disregard the potential of development intervention to aggravate conflict.

When aid programmes also fail to address underlying social triggers of conflict, aid delivery must be recognized as an important contributor to conflict. In response to repeated failures to produce peace through military operations, serious questions have been raised about the ethical and legal consequences of military intervention on humanitarian grounds, and difficulties in differentiating between a humanitarian intervention and an operation to achieve regime change. This results in greater confusion, rather than clarity, around the concept of peace.

Of late, the top-down model of peacebuilding has come under increasing criticism. According to Lederach, modern peacebuilding needs to go beyond top-down statist diplomacy and focus on reconciliation and the rebuilding of relationships Graf, Kramer and Nicolescou, As Hugh Miall points out, transformation towards peace requires more than the identification of win-win outcomes that benefit conflicting parties. Conflict transformation requires a process of engagement, transforming the relationships, interests, discourses and, if necessary, the very constitution of a society that supports the continuation of violent conflict.

Top-down approaches relying on exogenous methodology do not engender sustainable peace, as they tend to erode the peacebuilding capacities of local institutions and civil society. The discontent with the liberal peacebuilding discourse has led researchers, as well as practitioners, to turn to alternative peacebuilding concepts, including multi-track peacebuilding, to produce more inclusive and sustainable political transitions Galvanek and Planta, Some have highlighted the importance of blending the top-down implementation of peace accords with bottom-up processes to heal societal divisions and engender societal ownership of the agreement Prendergast and Plumb, Amid this medley, UNESCO stands out with its foundational commitment to nurture the defences of peace in human consciousness through transformative education, culture and scientific knowledge.

Evidently, the founders of UNESCO envisioned a holistic and integrated approach to peace, and a notion of peace primarily as a non-violent or anti-war mindset, subsuming a humanistic rather than state-centric perspective. Based on inner unity amid outer diversity, it promises a transformation of global consciousness in favour of reason as opposed to force, encouraging dialogue and peace rather than conflict and violence.

Recognizing an emerging need for new articulations in support of cultural diversity and universal values, the UN General Assembly proclaimed — the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures. Achieving a true rapprochement of cultures entails nurturing a culture of peace and achieving peace through non-violence and peaceful dialogue. This highlights the imperative of intercultural and interreligious dialogue to develop a better understanding of otherness. Rising above prejudice can encourage greater interest in different histories, heritage, and religious and cultural beliefs.

Learning: the Treasure Within. The report further emphasizes the role of education in providing children and adults with the cultural background necessary to enable them, as far as possible, to make sense of the changes taking place. More recently, the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures emphasized the need for quality education, grounded primarily in respect for human rights and cultural diversity.

UNESCO has scaled up its research activities, launching and promoting knowledge networks and research pools to encourage intercultural dialogue, enabling research expertise from diverse regions to share experiential knowledge on cutting-edge issues. According to UNESCO, education for human rights and the promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence enhances the quality of education.

UNESCO has thus collaborated widely to promote research, knowledge-sharing and policy formulation in education for peace, sustainability and global citizenship. Since the adoption of Agenda , the focus has shifted to converting these pledges into deeds, with the expectation that UNESCO and the larger UN system will scale up their activities to achieve the globally agreed outcomes by Likewise, the progression of the UN peace agenda has seen a corresponding evolution in human rights discourses and institutions.

Undeterred by Cold War constraints, the UNCHR prepared numerous human rights treaties on a range of issues that form the core of peacebuilding and human security. Entering into force in , both covenants address key rights in civil, political, economic and social fields. These two treaties, together with the Declaration, constitute what is known as the International Bill of Human Rights.

Other significant accomplishments include the successful adoption of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women in and the United Nations Convention against Torture in Similarly, the OHCHR has provided an overarching institutional machinery to promote human rights in various areas, which converge and intersect with the UN actions for peace.

Significant progress in the institutional growth of human rights was accomplished with the creation of the Human Rights Council in , which replaced the sixty-year old UNCHR. Its inaugural two-week session in June attracted a significant response from several thousand participants and state representatives from across the world Steiner, Alston and Goodman, The HRC launched many new initiatives to uphold and monitor civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights globally, through independent human rights experts designated as Special Rapporteurs, Special Representatives, Working Groups and Independent Experts.

In , it established a new complaints procedure to address gross violations of human rights reported by individuals, groups or non-governmental organizations claiming to be the victims of violations or who had direct, reliable knowledge of such human-rights violations UNHRC, By the end of , there were 80 active Special Procedures mandate holders covering 57 mandates, comprising 43 thematic mandates, including water and sanitation, arbitrary detention, the rights of migrants, violence against women, torture and human trafficking, and 14 country-specific mandates OHCHR, During the past decade, the HRC has remained overworked in the wake of rising civil violence, and has often been faulted for not doing enough to address large-scale human rights violations in Iraq, South Sudan, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syria and Yemen, among others.

In this context, human rights are increasingly viewed as rights possessed by the individual for which they could seek redressal from the international community Upadhyaya, Such human rights assertions became more pronounced in the wake of an increasing surge in internal violence, where the state has either acquiesced or collaborated with violent groups.

However, there was little legal or logistical preparedness at the time to meet these new challenges. This led to a rethinking of the UN peace agenda with increased support for humanitarian intervention. Conscious of the inadequacy of existing provisions to deal with such human emergencies, the UN community has galvanized itself in recent years to meet such situations of internal violence, often defining these as a threat to international peace and security to justify enforcement action under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.

These developments have fuelled critical debate on the limits of sovereignty and on many state-centric provisions of the UN Charter itself. Responsibility to Protect R2P is a notable human rights discourse within the current UN peace agenda. The United Nations World Summit again endorsed the responsibility of each state to protect its population from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. Based on the outcome document of the World Summit, a report by the Secretary-General outlined a strategy around three pillars of the responsibility to protect: i the state carries the primary responsibility for protecting populations from genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing, and their incitement; ii the international community has a responsibility to encourage and assist states in fulfilling this responsibility; iii the international community has a responsibility to use appropriate diplomatic, humanitarian and other means to protect populations57 from these crimes UN, c.

In practice, the Security Council made the first official reference to the responsibility to protect in April when it authorized the deployment of UN peacekeeping troops to Darfur. Its task is to raise awareness of the causes and dynamics of genocide, to alert relevant actors where there is a risk of genocide, and to advocate and mobilize for appropriate action.

The office also develops key tools to be used by international, regional and national actors to assess the risk of atrocity crimes, as well to strengthen atrocity prevention capacities and strategies UN, a. It also iterated the commitment to develop national institutions as instruments for promoting human rights, disseminating human rights information and providing human rights education.

Since then, the UN General Assembly has adopted numerous resolutions calling for the strengthening of NHRIs, which function as the first port of call for reporting human rights violations across the world. These partnerships safeguard and integrate the sustenance of human rights in UN Peace Operations and Political Missions. Human rights teams on the ground work in close cooperation and coordination with other civilian and uniformed components of peace operations in relation to the protection of civilians, especially with regard to addressing conflict-related sexual violence and violations against children; and strengthening respect for human rights and the rule of law through legal and judicial reform, security sector reform and prison system reform UN, d.

Monica Zulficar, Chair of the Advisory Committee that prepared the initial draft of the Right to Peace, submits that human security is an important positive element of the right to peace, addressing structural violence and including freedom from fear and from want. Among others, these articles outline the need to respect, implement and promote equality, non-discrimination and justice Article 2. Moreover, international and national institutions should promote education for peace, with a view to strengthening and fostering the spirit of tolerance, dialogue, co-operation and solidarity Article 4.

The passage of the Right to Peace in the UN General Assembly is based on the recognition of international law principles and human rights as the foundation of international peace. As early as , the UN General Assembly adopted Resolution IV on Essentials of Peace, which acknowledged the Universal59 Declaration of Human Rights as the basis of enduring peace and recognized the inherent dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family as the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.

In accordance with the foundational UN ethos, which positions peace as a pivot of human rights, there has been longstanding demand in the UN system to recognize and declare the Right to Peace. However, such demands made little headway during Cold War imbroglios between rival power blocs, and the efforts only gained impetus after its conclusion. Even then, nearly a quarter of a century elapsed before the Right to Peace was finally passed in the UN General Assembly. The process involved several challenges, some of which were quite recent.

Notably, there was a lack of consensus among Member States concerning the Right to Peace as a human right. The debate highlighted the division among Member States, especially regarding the codification process of the new right. European states affirmed their rejection of a legal basis to the right to peace, but reiterated their willingness to discuss linkages between peace and human rights.

On the other hand, civil society organizations found the existing codification of the Right to Peace insufficient as a measure to advance the status of international human rights law, since the draft neither defined the emerging right nor adequately developed its elements. The lack of consensus continued well into , resulting in criticism from civil society and NGOs. Clearly, the need to implement the Right to Peace will bring new challenges. However, the achievement of forging a consensus among Member States, civil society and NGOs deserves appreciation.

Indeed, much work remains to be done to realize the full potential of the right to enjoy peace, human rights and development. Ratification of the declaration represents a process involving international commitment that can serve to strengthen this work.

Forging an international consensus is a much-needed vital first step on the long road ahead, towards realizing the Right to Peace. Hitherto, the mandate of the Peacebuilding Commission was confined to post-conflict situations and treated prevention solely as a form of post-conflict mitigation, rather than a means of averting the outbreak of conflict in the first place.

Detaching peacebuilding from the margins of post-conflict situations increases its relevance to all phases of conflict — before, during and after hostilities, implying that peacebuilding should be undertaken simultaneously with peacekeeping, development and humanitarian activities. It represents an acknowledgement that circular or vicious cycles are more typical, with conflicts escalating to various forms of social tension, political strife and violence, particularly in light of the changing nature of violent conflicts in recent years PBSO, Members of the UN General Assembly have hailed the conceptual shift as transformative and forward-looking, recognizing peace as a long-term process of social change that requires collaborative work at various levels.

Tools like joint analysis and effective strategic planning for long-term engagement are meant to move cooperation forward. It stresses the role of the United Nations system in mobilizing comprehensive responses to threats of violent extremism, by giving priority to prevention, dialogue, confidence-building and positive engagement.

While this process is hard to define and harder still to break into concrete, operational steps, the resolution offers several building blocks to that end. These include enhancing the links between62 peace, development and human rights; creating inclusive national ownership in which local actors have a consistent voice and women and youth play a critical role; and promoting more strategic and close partnerships with diverse stakeholders.

Conceptually speaking, the idea of sustaining peace seems to be well grounded in endogenous processes and context-specific capacities embedded in national policies. Conceived as a shared public good and a collective endeavour engaging all stakeholders, it lacks the features of a donor-driven outside intervention, as apprehended by some sceptics.

All these measures require sustained support and attention on the part of the international community. While the MDGs provided a global language to redress issues of structural violence such as extreme poverty, hunger, gender inequality and child mortality, the adoption of 17 SDGs in expanded the UN agenda to around five pillars, namely: people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships. While acknowledging violence as the greatest challenge to development, Agenda spells out the various trajectories to cope with this threat.

This is perhaps the most remarkable recent development associated with the emerging UN approach to peace. It sets targets for reducing all forms of violence in all countries, ensuring access to justice for all, and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions. In all, 36 targets from seven other SDGs directly measure an aspect of peace, inclusion or access to justice, only a third of which are found in SDG Both are people-centred and focus on various drivers of violent conflict that relate directly to the socio-economic and environmental aspects of sustainable development, including economic, social and environmental inequalities, lack of jobs, poor natural resource management and climate change.

Strengthening the rule of law and promoting human rights are pathways to this process, as are reducing the flow of illicit arms, and strengthening the participation of developing countries in institutions of global governance. With the unprecedented emphasis on sustaining peace, the UN system has accorded a high priority to reinstating a holistic conception to peace, development and human rights. While development and human rights are being defined in a more comprehensive manner, the concept of peace has been expanded through various resolutions, reports and goals.

This emerging awareness is reflected sharply64 in the recent recognition of the complementarity between sustaining peace and the goals of Agenda It is no longer possible to conflate peace with the narrow state-centric visions that dominated the Cold War era, notwithstanding resistance from those who suspect that such a broadening of the peace agenda might dilute its focus from the core issue of war and nuclear disarmament Jeong, There is a realization that the confinement of peace to a narrower template has not done justice to this empowering and emancipatory idea.

The changing spectre of threats, both traditional and non-traditional, have provided greater justification for a holistic approach to peace that could transcend Cold War legacies and include a range of humanitarian concerns along with regional and local concerns of peace. Many recent initiatives both within and outside the UN system are symptomatic of this broadening and deepening of the global agenda of peace.

For instance, following the adoption of UN General Assembly Resolution , the human security approach has enjoyed a broad consensus among governments and practitioners on the wider connotation of peace and security, and visions of intercultural dialogues and transformative education are now considered pivotal within the global peace agenda. Another meaningful initiative in this regard was implemented by the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, which has actively promoted the increased engagement of indigenous peoples in conflict prevention, conflict resolution and post-conflict peacebuilding.

The implementation of Local Agenda 21 represents yet another effort to bring the international agenda of the UN sustainable development plan to the local level. To date, this ongoing programme has deepened and strengthened the knowledge and skills of indigenous representatives worldwide to analyse the root causes of conflict, promote indigenous rights, and engage in dialogue and negotiation to contribute to conflict resolution and enhanced well-being.

In recent years, the UN Security Council has passed many resolutions reaffirming its commitment to the protection and empowerment of women in conflict. The UN has also responded to the recent growth in terrorism. The UN places particular emphasis on preventing young people from being indoctrinated into radical ideologies that inspire acts of terrorism.

The Resolution urges Member States to consider ways to increase the representation of youth in decision-making in local, national, regional and international institutions and mechanisms for the prevention and resolution of conflict, including institutions and mechanisms to counter violent extremism, which can be conducive to terrorism. It also urges states to consider establishing integrated mechanisms for the meaningful participation of youth in peace processes and dispute-resolution, as appropriate UN, c.

This ongoing study is due to be released in after due consultations, and would provide a practical roadmap to exploring ways in which young people can contribute to the prevention of violence and to building a sustainable peace, drawing on their innovation and resilience. Media literacy is thus important for efforts to build peaceful societies and expand civil society participation in strengthening democratic institutions. The impact of the UN Chronicle can be considered an example of best practice in this respect.

This work also involves close cooperation with civil society and academic communities, both of which are important allies in mobilizing grassroots capacities, as well as with scientists to promote the global peace agenda. Messages of peace are more powerful when they come from victims of violence and wars. Another recent development is the high priority paid by UN agencies to investigating the role of social media in violent radicalization processes.

A recent study commissioned by UNESCO, entitled Social Media and the Radicalization of Youth Leading to Violent Extremism, confirms the need for further research into the impact of social media on the radicalization of vulnerable individuals. However, the study notes that actual violent radicalization is not reducible simply to internet exposure, and instead generally entails the mediation of complex social-psychological processes and person-to-person communication in conjunction with other offline factors, such as feelings of injustice, alienation, anomie and deprivation Alava, Frau-Meigs and Hassan, A related concern that has engaged many UN agencies, and especially UNESCO, is how to pre-empt electronic media and the international press from playing into the hands of terrorists Marthoz, At present, well-orchestrated acts of terrorism seeking global attention often receive extensive coverage from media incentivized to highlight acts of violence and terrorism to attract greater viewership.

Also of note are the ongoing efforts of UN agencies to mobilize international opinion and resources against the growing surge in hate speech online and to counter the production, dissemination and impact of hateful messages through international, regional and national normative frameworks.

One UNESCO-sponsored study, while highlighting good practices at local and global levels, recognized that the notion of hate speech, however it is defined, is not about disagreement over political ideologies, faiths or beliefs, but rather about antagonism towards people UNESCO, Indeed, the majority of people would prefer to resolve their differences amicably, given a choice of information and ideas, including information about options that represent dialogue, rather than a closed or censored information environment.

As well as promoting media and information literacy competencies in social media, UNESCO is promoting conflict-sensitive journalism among reporters Howard, The Organization also remains committed to building community media and fostering gender equity in the media.

Another key emerging trend is the composite vision of ecosystem sustainability, first brought to the fore by the Rio Earth Summit, and which has since been incorporated as an intrinsic core of all peace and development agendas. A key aim of the SDGs, while bringing peace and sustainable development together, is also to protect the planet from environmental degradation through sustainable consumption and production, sustainable management of natural resources and urgent action on climate change.

The global consensus on SDGs also ushered in the Paris Agreement December , which intends to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change. Past experiences of conflict prevention and peacebuilding have made it incumbent on the UN to draw on existing human rights resources.

All recent reviews of UN peace operations along with the SDGs, especially Goal 16, clearly indicate that human rights, peace and development are indivisible and interrelated; one cannot be achieved without the others. However, despite greater recognition of the interrelated nature of human rights and peacebuilding, synergy between human rights and peacebuilding entities is still limited. Along with increasing attention to economic, social and cultural rights in conflict zones, it is important to build mutual capacities and encourage joint Special Procedures activities in the assessment and prevention of human rights violations.

Although it may not have an equally strong footing compared to other human rights, the Declaration is nonetheless a significant step towards ensuring human dignity, the cornerstone of all human rights. Lastly, while the cause of a nuclear weapon-free world has remained in limbo, notwithstanding the advisory opinion issued by the International Court of Justice in censuring the legality of using nuclear weapons, the non-nuclear weapon states have recently succeeded in passing a Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, a move that supporters hope will lead to the eventual elimination of all nuclear arms.

This is once again a transformative initiative, in this case working to exert moral pressure on nuclear weapons states and, as such, deserves the greater attention of the international community. Many peace-supplementing activities, especially those concerning humanitarian action, are often omitted in contemporary peace discourses.

The prolonged duration of the Cold War ensured unwavering attention on military security and investment, leaving little scope for humanitarian or socio-economic aspects of peace. Unsurprisingly, the transformative quest of UN entities in areas such as human rights, development, education and culture, gender equality, justice, environmental protection and other equally significant vectors of building peace were not typically considered as peace work during this period.

However, the widening scope of the UN peace agenda in the post-Cold War era, as detailed in Part I, foregrounded a range of socio-economic and humanitarian concerns. The reconfiguration of the UN peace agenda, with a renewed focus on an integrated and dynamic approach to peace, has shed light on the valuable peace work of UN entities.

There is growing recognition that UN entities have enriched and expanded the conceptual horizons of the UN peace agenda, at times transcending their assigned mandate. They also encompass long-term development projects that help societies become more resilient and better equipped to resolve conflicts peacefully.

These multi-dimensional contributions have not only enriched the traditional template of peace and security, they have also enhanced the humanitarian and socio-economic vectors of nurturing and sustaining peace. Part II provides a brief overview of the activities of 32 UN agencies and entities. It presents a synoptic view of their diverse peace activities within and beyond their area of competence.

Written submissions from UN agencies and entities that joined this project, along with a range of reports and publications, provide the substance of this part of the study. It embodies the ethos of UN funds, programmes and agencies, and evaluates their performance and practical contributions to building and nurturing the expanded template of peace. Part II hinges on three interconnected sections. Indeed, there are many worthy narratives and instructive examples to draw upon from the vast scope of UN peace work.

However, due to the limitations of space, only a few symbolic examples are presented here to show the diversity and range of UN peace work. The General Assembly biennially reviews the Global Strategy. Provide leadership on the General Assembly counter-terrorism mandates across the United Nations system.

Strengthen the delivery of United Nations counter-terrorism capacity-building assistance to Member States. Improve visibility, advocacy and resource mobilization for United Nations counter-terrorism efforts. Ensure that due priority is given to counter-terrorism across the United Nations system and that important work on preventing violent extremism is firmly rooted in the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

Each entity makes contributions consistent with its own mandate. The DPKO provides political and policy guidance as well as strategic direction and support to all UN peacekeeping operations, while DFS delivers dedicated support to peacekeeping operations, special political missions and other field presences in terms of human resources, finance and budget, conduct and discipline, logistics, and information and communications technology. The High-Level Independent Panel on Peace Operations made several recommendations to improve peace operations going forward.

These focus on ensuring that political solutions always guide the design and deployment of UN peace operations, using the full spectrum of peace operations more flexibly, building stronger and more inclusive partnerships with other global and local peace and security actors, and making the UN Secretariat more field-focused and people-centred UN, b.

Peacekeeping operations often entail cross-cutting tasks that have a direct bearing on peacebuilding and other specialized mandates of the UN. Department of Political Affairs DPA The Department of Political Affairs DPA was established by the Secretary-General in on the request of the UN Security Council to provide advice and support to the Secretary-General and the United Nations system on questions relating to the prevention, control and resolution of conflicts, including early warning, political mediation and post-conflict peacebuilding.

As the lead entity of the United Nations with responsibility for political analysis, mediation, political guidance and electoral assistance, DPA plays a central role in the efforts of the United Nations to prevent and resolve conflicts and to sustain peace. It identifies potential and actual conflicts and makes recommendations to the Secretary-General on appropriate action to address them, including through the coordination and implementation of regional strategies.

Moreover, it assists the Secretary-General in carrying out political activities in the areas of preventive diplomacy and sustaining peace; and serves as the lead Department for electoral assistance matters and coordinates programmes in response requests for electoral assistance from Member States. The Department manages a wide range of special political missions, ranging from large field-based political and peacebuilding offices, to special envoys and advisers to the Secretary-General, to regional offices.

Since , DPA has assisted more than countries in electoral matters and has provided expert staff support in mediation initiatives around the world. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO The mutually reinforcing relationship between peace and food security is also fostered by the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO , which was established as a specialized agency of the United Nations in with a mandate to reduce poverty and inequality, eradicate hunger, improve agriculture and promote sustainable development.

The agency views peacebuilding as essential to its mission, recognizing that a stable, peaceful environment is the foundation of lasting food security and sustainable livelihoods and, equally, that investing in food security may strengthen efforts to prevent conflict and achieve sustainable peace. For FAO, violent conflict, hunger and malnutrition have common roots, are mutually interdependent, and must be solved together through an integrated and holistic developmental approach.

FAO works in both the humanitarian and development spheres, identifying ways to avoid, minimize or resolve conflicts in which food, agriculture or natural resources are drivers; intervening to offset the impact of conflicts on food security, nutrition, agriculture and natural resources; and advancing development in a conflict-sensitive manner. Some 2. The Organization protects, restores and develops the livelihoods of farmers, fishers, herders, foresters and others who depend upon agriculture and natural resources.

International Labour Organization ILO The sheer scale of the working poor in agriculture, the inherently dangerous and uncertain nature of the work, the largely unrecognized role of women in farming, the shortage of skills, the exclusion of agricultural workers from national labour laws, and the high incidence of child and forced labour are all potential drivers of conflict that are being addressed by the International Labour Organization ILO as part of its mandate to promote decent work.

The ILO considers peace, especially in post-conflict, post-disaster and other fragile settings, as an important element of its work, as well as the training programmes and conferences it organizes to promote international labour standards, fundamental principles and rights at work; and to help create decent employment and income opportunities, social protection, tripartism and social dialogue. The importance of employment and decent work for political stability is nowadays widely acknowledged and the UN Employment Policy is applied globally.

International Organization for Migration IOM After decades of working in partnership with the UN, the International Organization for Migration IOM became a member of the UN system in , further enhancing moves toward a more coherent international response to the global migration trend. Today, the Organization has offices in more than countries and staff in around field locations. It works closely with governments, other UN entities, civil society and others to ensure the humane and orderly movement of people throughout the world and to promote durable solutions through alternative and complementary pathways for forcibly displaced persons such as internally displaced refugees, diasporas, host communities as well as migrants that have become victims of trafficking or smuggling.

In the context of forced displacement and protracted crises, IOM engages significantly at the community level to ensure state and local partner capacity to support and sustain mass returns. It works with community members and local authorities to identify and address priority needs and support the provision of facilities such as schools, bridges, market places, water supplies and health services. IOM also builds and strengthens state and local partner capacity to support and sustain mass returns.

The aim is to reduce instability by promoting the re-engagement of estranged communities through activities that focus on the common good. IOM also carries out activities that facilitate peacebuilding in the aftermath of conflict or that contribute indirectly to peace by creating more stable, harmonious, cohesive and democratic societies.

For instance, IOM supports reparations for victims of human rights violations during conflict and the restitution of land and property rights. It also works in transition settings through prevention and solutions to forced displacement, peacebuilding and community stabilization projects, where it addresses conflict dynamics as a driver of displacement to help communities recover from conflict and prevent the emergence or recurrence of violence.

International Telecommunication Union ITU The International Telecommunication Union ITU , a year-old organization that became a UN specialized agency in , is at the heart of the ICT sector, brokering agreement on technologies, services and the allocation of global resources, such as radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbital frequencies, and working to enhance country collaboration on international telecommunications and their protection.

In fulfilling this task, the ITU focuses primarily on the technical aspects of cyber security through the adoption of technical standards, and on providing support to countries for the protection of the computer systems that increasingly underpin, among others, the operation of critical infrastructure, such as transport networks, energy plants and utility services.

With its global agenda to foster respect and advance the promotion and protection of all human rights and fundamental freedoms,82 OHCHR continues to strengthen existing efforts and make use of new opportunities to contribute to the peacebuilding agenda of the UN through the concerted efforts of the High Commissioner and staff at headquarters, country offices, United Nations Peace Missions, regional offices and centres, and Human Rights Advisers.

When peace missions are established, OHCHR participates in inter-departmental technical assessments, defines human rights priorities and identifies start-up teams of human rights officers with the right expertise for early deployment. It participates in UN strategic assessments during mission reconfigurations and works with UN partners to ensure continuity during the exit of a UN peace mission and its human rights component.

More broadly, OHCHR develops human rights methodology, training and guidance for human rights components and works to mainstream human rights in UN policies on the maintenance of international peace and security. Over the past decade, OHCHR has assisted with the design and implementation of transitional justice programmes in more than twenty countries around the world by ensuring that human rights and transitional justice considerations are reflected in peace agreements.

The PBSO Policy, Planning and Application branch83 collaborates with other parts of the UN system and relevant partners, supports the UN Secretary-General in fostering coherent approaches across the UN system, and supports partnerships in peacebuilding and sustaining peace. The PBC provides political accompaniment and advocacy to countries affected by violent conflict; promotes an integrated, strategic and coherent approach to peacebuilding; and serves as a platform to convene actors within and outside the UN to improve coordination, develop and share good practices and ensure predictable financing for peacebuilding.

It enables the UN to seize political opportunities and enables partners to pool risk and obtain coherence by providing initial or bridging financing for conflict prevention and peacebuilding programmes. PBF projects have included disarming and demobilizing combatants and reintegrating them into civilian society DDR ; establishing a secure environment so that government can function again; providing peace dividends to populations, thereby making peace a fruitful alternative to conflict; and creating a basis for peaceful coexistence by promoting trust and unity.

The Fund insists on national ownership of peacebuilding processes and national commitment to dealing with problems that could lead to violent conflict. It also stresses the involvement of women and youth in sustaining peace and provides guidance on well-coordinated, conflict-sensitive and politically astute programming to ensure delivery of results. This was the first in a series of resolutions that brought to the fore the links between conflict, sexual and gender-based violence, and increased risk of HIV infection.

Among other outcomes, the assessments have helped establish critical points for service and care in border and transit areas and other hot spots, as well as ensuring that HIV and SGBV are included in national disaster and risk management policies. Measures include policy-making to create positive links between urban, peri-urban and rural areas; legal frameworks and mechanisms for the acquisition of public space, the provision of equity, financial stability and good governance; integrated urban and territorial planning and design that improves connectedness, inclusivity and resilience; strong financing frameworks that can address tenure conflicts which persistently cause instability and violence; and the empowerment of local governments and communities to address key justice and equity issues.

UN-Habitat contributes to land readjustment, improving access to basic services and slum upgrading with initiatives such as the Global Land Tool Network and the Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme. Its activities in fragile states are often articulated within inter-agency responses to human security and peacebuilding. UN-Habitat also contributes to inter-agency responses in conflict and post-conflict settings and in cities, hosting large numbers of refugees and displaced people.

Activities focus on reconstruction, decent housing, access to basic urban services, and restoration of the rule of law including through mediation mechanisms on property tenure. UN Habitat also carries out city profiling in conflict and post-conflict situations to maintain and deliver basic services. It launched the member Global Alliance for Urban Crises,85 which held its first all-member meeting in Brussels in March , and operates a Secretariat jointly with the International Rescue Committee.

It also collaborates with partners at regional and country levels to help countries formulate and implement national sustainable development strategies. Whether by supporting policy-making bodies, facilitating major UN conferences, projecting trends in demography, publishing economic analysis or helping countries develop their national capacity, UN DESA works to promote and support international cooperation in the pursuit of sustainable development for all.

UN DESA also organizes and supports consultations with a range of stakeholders, including the private sector and civil society, to promote progress and strengthen accountability in achieving the SDGs. It also generates, analyses and compiles a wide range of official economic, social and environmental data and information on which Member States can draw to review common problems and take stock of policy options.

It also produces a host of flagship publications and major intergovernmental reports that are essential to UN negotiations and global policy decision-making. In its efforts to generate public understanding and support for86 the UN agenda, the Department engages with a global array of partners, from Member States and media organizations to civil society, students and the creative community. The Outreach Division engages and educates a diverse array of constituencies worldwide, encouraging support for the ideals and activities of the UN.

The Strategic Communications Division disseminates information about substantive issues, including peace and security issues, and coordinates the work of the global network of nearly 60 UN Information Centres UNICs in the field. With the help of students, peacekeeping operations and celebrity advocates, the Department promotes various themes related to peace.

The UN Academic Impact UNAI initiative facilitates exchanges between the UN and institutions of higher education and research and scientific communities in all regions to foster a sense of global citizenship. With a presence in nearly countries, UNDP national and international staff work with societies and governments on a range of developmental issues, supporting resilient and inclusive state-society and intra-society relationships. The Organization supports and strengthens key governance institutions that protect countries from potential conflict and help them make lasting progress.

It also deepens gains made at the political and diplomatic level by providing strategic analysis, policy and programme support to the UN system and government partners. Supporting cohesive societies in the aftermath of a natural disaster or conflict is at the heart of UNDP recovery interventions at the national and local level.

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The designations employed and the presentation of material throughout this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of UNESCO concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.

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Binary options forex peace army exential dubai Article 33 of the UN Charter mentions various methods of peacemaking by negotiation, enquiry, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, judicial settlement, resort to regional agencies, or arrangements or other peaceful means preferred by the disputing parties. Obviously, a range of comprehensive studies both at the conceptual and empirical level are required to arrive at binary options forex peace army exential dubai verdict — a task beyond the scope of this study. In this context, the idea of human security stands out as the most relevant, complementing human development by paying direct attention to the security and safety of people. Forex Peace Army. As the pivotal UN organization to combat diseases, lately seen as the gravest threat to non-traditional security, its contribution to peacebuilding is manifold. Million dollar pips review forex peace army ig broker review. UNFPA works for the rights of young people to help them become empowered citizens, able to realize their full potential and contribute to economic and social transformation.
Genesis matrix forex strategies Lastly, while the cause of a nuclear weapon-free world has remained in limbo, notwithstanding the advisory opinion issued by the International Court of Justice in censuring the legality of using nuclear weapons, the non-nuclear weapon states have recently succeeded in passing a Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, a move that supporters hope will lead to the eventual elimination of all nuclear arms. After the launch of wrangler vest men first UN peacekeeping mission in the Middle East inby the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization UNTSOpeacekeeping gradually developed into one of the main UN peace and security tools to defuse complex threats to international peace and security. The importance of employment and decent work for political stability is nowadays widely acknowledged and the UN Employment Policy is applied globally. It also brings to the fore environmental, health and cultural concerns, including heritage, music, theatre and sports. The
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Binary options forex peace army exential dubai Part I of this volume analyses these issues and others, as the UN peace agenda moves towards a culture of prevention. The Kremlin has become increasingly involved in the Arab region through its protection of the Assad regime and its regional alliances, all of which will have deep consequences in the long term. Maintaining binary options forex peace army exential dubai a position will become increasingly difficult as the war and its repercussions continue. Were you ever asked to deposit more money. The DPKO provides political and policy guidance as well as strategic direction and support to all UN peacekeeping operations, while DFS delivers dedicated support to peacekeeping operations, special political missions and other field presences in terms of human resources, finance and budget, conduct and discipline, logistics, and information and communications technology.
Ipo membership Particular emphasis is placed on the engagement of women and youth to participate in and lead social cohesion activities. In many traditional cultures, peace connotes a pathway to expanding human potential without harming others in the community or the larger ecosystem. Tencent is the world's largest games publisher. The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations UNAOCwhich was created in on the initiative of former Secretary-General Kofi Annan, visit web page to reduce cross-cultural tensions, build bridges between peoples and communities, and counter the fear, suspicion, and ignorance of other cultures and religions that have taken hold of the hearts and minds of populations in many parts of the globe. While this amazon historical stock price chart is hard to define and harder still to break into concrete, operational steps, the resolution offers several building blocks to that end. Among other outcomes, the assessments have helped establish critical points for service and care in border and transit areas and other hot spots, as well as ensuring that HIV and SGBV are included in national disaster and risk management policies. Only days into the Russian invasion, the United States imposed export controls over Russian oil refiners, banned Russian airliners from U.
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Binary options forex peace army exential dubai taux de rendement de lactif investing

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