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Ts pobeda binary options

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ts pobeda binary options

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Best Strategy for scalping - this is a well-developed and tested by a trader TS. First of all scalping is the style of trading. It is characterized by the frequency of transactions, the time of holding a position, the volume of the position itself, and, not least, the risk and profit potential in each transaction.

For a beginner in trading, this is a separate way to earn money, for an experienced trader, this is just one of the tools. Even an investor can be or suddenly become a scalper, or a scalper, with an unsuccessful decision, can become an investor joke.

The purpose of this work is still an attempt to classify everything that is directly related to scalping in one way or another. Because it is the base or basis, if you will, for trading. Only a scalper studies the infrastructure thoroughly, it feeds him, in fact. But a strong middle peasant still spends a little time learning to read and write, and then for another 15 years he studies specialization. And while dealing with scalping, you study this World as if under a microscope.

Scalping provides an opportunity to study trading in the laboratory. At the initial stage, this has its advantages:. Any markets. Everywhere has its own infrastructural peculiarities. For example, there is no glass and tape in Forex, which means that some of the strategies are simply not available, but the chart is the same everywhere. Or futures - there is both a glass and a tape, but the principles of understanding them, due to the absence, as in stocks, are different.

Or shares, but on or , also without ECN. My specialty is stock scalping, I have some experience in scalping on RTS and even on No actual difference in terms of strategies used. And the schedule, as I wrote above, is the same everywhere.

And people are the same everywhere and they have the same desires and fears, which means that our approach is the same everywhere. Actually, I have acquaintances who exchange currency in their cars near banks - the same scalpers, only analog, not digital. Infrastructure electronic market shares. There are a lot of interesting things here. Moreover, half of the strategies and ways to make money in scalping relies precisely on the infrastructure of the market itself, which explains the semi-mechanical approach to earning.

Alas, because I, painting it all here, naturally contribute to the destruction of these mechanisms and principles. But there will be new ones, for sure. Do nothing, inefficiencies disappear. But I also saw new "chips" that I skillfully used.

The purpose of this work is not only to retell everything that I know in scalping, but also to systematize the existing knowledge, experience and articles. For example, this topic I painted it in great detail here - but the information in it is only half true.

And here - everything is described as a whole, as optional reading, I recommend it for general development. I will briefly recap the main points. ECN - it's like that electronic system distribution of applications, everyone sees structured lists of buyers and sellers on different exchanges, of which there are many, but this does not affect anything, since the access time to them has long fallen in nanoseconds, which means that for you and me this is all, in fact, one market.

So, this number of questions is further enhanced by the presence of more than a dozen market centers exchanges :. Some of them pay for removing liquidity, some for adding liquidity, and with execution fees as well, some take money for adding, some take for removing. Well, a couple of dozen rounds, special programs , which look for liquidity in different centers with different algorithms, the most used are:. For this is a skill, not knowledge, and therefore it must be developed, and not memorized.

Limit - orders limited by the price of the order. You specify a price to the execution system, worse than which you do not agree to receive a position. You may not get a position if there is no counterparty or get it partially if there is not enough liquidity, but for that you dictate the conditions for the price.

Limit orders can be "hidden" or "partially hidden - Icebergs". If you do not want to show the entire size of the order, the trader has the opportunity and the right to hide it completely only in ECN NASDAQ or partially, showing at least one lot in the application almost all other ECN , except for routs. I use practically only such orders. Market orders - are not limited by anything except the size of the position.

I myself do not use such orders at all. There are a number of strategies to use them. Stop orders - there are both limit and market types. They are used either for a delayed entry into a position or to stop losses. They have all the features of the orders described above, with the only difference that they are sent to the exchange only by special condition - when the price of the asset is specified by you in the order.

I rarely use these orders and only for positional trading. It takes traders up to two months to understand this point, in rare cases up to six months. What is connected with, I find it difficult to understand, but I suppose that with an unwillingness to think, because I refuse to admit that I cannot explain!

The meaning is quite simple: if your order is in the glass of orders LEVEL I and II and it is visible to all other bidders with the exception of hidden orders , then you have added liquidity to the market.

Any market order removes liquidity, not every limit order adds liquidity - this is the main difficulty to understand. He himself gave hope for an explanation. But here's the bad luck - hidden and dark liquidity - it's like a black market, excuse me, for organs and people.

It's like it's there, but it's like it's not there. And I do not just cite such comparisons. It was created, as I understand it, exclusively for the internal purposes of the most powerful market participants. Yes, we can also trade there and we even have… about two dozen routs for this.

Yes, but there are hundreds of these dark pools themselves and it makes no sense to sit poke into each one until you have a position at least in , shares , and even if there is, then the chances that you will be able to throw off such a volume somewhere at once, without smearing dozens of cents on a glass, are as small as the time to make a decision.

Therefore, we will be just some kind of observers, we will know what it is, but it does not concern us in any way, besides, deals in darks do not lead to any change in quotes directly, because they do not touch the glass of orders. Nowhere else is there such a variety of strategies as here, in scalping. Even if we take into account that this style of trading very often intersects with others, nevertheless, as an independent type, it is the most diverse.

But we must not forget that drawing border lines is not very correct, because any scalping trade can be turned into a positional trade or, trading positionally, you can find entry points like a scalper. The chart is the same everywhere, only the timeframe changes. So no one forbids the use of these patterns or formations both on daily charts, and on minutes and hours, they are created by essentially the same forces. So here even candlestick analysis has a place to be. We have a great section on the site created with support - most of these formations were provided by them.

I added something of my own. Much remains to be added there, because there are about a hundred of these formations. So, my favorite shapes are the simplest ones. Here is an example:. And here are examples of equal-scale triangles on different timeframes. They can also be traded like minute ones, but here the risk, holding time and, of course, the profit potential change:. Triangles on the hourly chart 1. I think it is obvious that the breakdown of the above patterns fits here perfectly.

But the concept "Level" slightly wider than the simple side of the triangle. Here and "Head and shoulders" and maybe even a concept "Basochki" front "Level". There are a lot of examples, here are a few:. Kind of dualism. The same figures, it seems, but the entrance is in the opposite direction. The text cannot be described - everything follows from experience and the other factors listed above. For the same "Triangle" under certain circumstances should be taken in the opposite direction, which will lead to a more likely and positive outcome, but it takes practice.

Here is an old video, but extremely relevant, where your obedient servant broadcasts about one hundred percent "Formation number 1" :. The most difficult scalper skill to understand and master. Everything happens very quickly, there is no time to think. And you also need to find this, but about filters and programs a little lower.

So, the essence of the strategy is as follows: you need a sharp movement that has arisen as a result of the execution of a very large order in the market , which is in no way connected with, which is worked out by us by taking a position, in the direction opposite to the initial movement. Please do not confuse with "Catching knives" , it's completely different.

Here are examples "Exponential price movement" or in common "Volume Spike" :. Here NOT "Volume Spike" , the chart is formed by a crazy print in , which has nothing to do with quotes, just like your stops I look forward to questions :.

And here is the news itself in paper:. What it is really useful for is finding large applications or "sizes". Not just like that, of course, and not for free, but more on that later. I will go through only fresh examples and a listing of the main characteristics, so that we can accurately understand what is in front of us - size and parsing it will bring us a lot of money:.

Size should be in a "beautiful" price level ,00 ,25 ,50 ,75, for cheap stocks ,05 ,15 ,20 etc. It is obvious to me that scalping is the easiest and most active style of trading. Rather a utopian strategy, but quite a viable one, if you try.

I prefer the next paragraph. Everything is clear here, especially with the "hidden". From size I take it very rarely, only if it is in the glass according to the trend, and according to the current, daily and minute. But to scalp "from hidden" - the theme is much more effective.

The difficulty is only in finding the situation, even with the help of special programs. The same one "deceased" strategy. Exists only in the imagination of the newly-minted demo scalpers, in the memory of the old guard, as well as working very successfully within the framework of HFT strategies and technologies.

Actually, nothing more than one-legged, and very complex and unpredictable. There are a couple of examples in the article. However, for scalpers who specialize in this - very "fishy" place. Much more important than any ribbons and glasses when making a decision - guide.

For the scalper American market stocks are the truest friend and ally - futures on. But at the moment, a stock can have two or more guides, in particular, Nefte or gold mining companies have two of them, plus an industry leader who can easily start living his own life at some point. I will not hide the fact that I describe this strategy in the style of memoirs, because I have been doing this for a long time, but for a long time and successfully.

By scalping SPY I can give a ton of advice, but they will not help you, most likely. But I will write some very competent rules. To get started, check out the. And figure out what it is SPY. It's important to understand what you will trade how and when. Here I have - the glass is made in such a way that it does not distract, because there it makes no sense to look at sizes or isienki, and even "hidden" there is no point in looking.

It is extremely important to set up hotkeys for work. I have for scalping SPY there are only ten of them. In such a place, mouse trading somehow looks ridiculous. Joystick, I can still understand, but with a mouse - thank you, although below I will show what is there and how with mice.

Traded RTS not long, did not like it. But as a tool - it will be very interesting to many. Everything is there - an interesting chart, a long session for trading, sizes and so on are still working, the formations are the same as everywhere else. In fact, it is not a separate strategy, but it always has a place to be.

Develop this skill, it will come in handy and will save you more than once and allow you to earn. One of the most important features of scalping is its applicability in any markets and in any situations, i. The only thing left is to find them.

I myself trade only stocks and look for all the most interesting among stocks. For me, there are only three strategies - , and. Not everything can be entrusted to the program. I still trust my eyes much more, and the selection is more accurate. But even for the eyes, a special service is needed that allows you to have all the charts in front of your eyes at the same time. For this I have Finviz Elite very convenient and not expensive.

It searches for all formations and nice-looking situations on the charts:. In addition to those listed above, there are dozens, and maybe hundreds of programs. The same ThinkOrSwim it can do a lot of things, it remains only to adapt it for different tasks. Of course, each style of trading has its own characteristics of risk and money management.

Scalping in this is just as easy, and the survival of the scalper is determined by the number of transactions and a high percentage profitable of them, which allows you to have the potential in the trade, equal to the risk. There is a chance to swing twice or halve. With proper observance of all skills, the first option is most likely. There is no direct relationship between success in scalping and the size of the deposit, as you understand.

Thirdly, gaining experience, swinging the position with shares to a larger amount, learn to dial in the interval of a few cents and come out gradually, and not the whole pack. This is a skill that will come with time. It is very difficult to give advice on psychology when you yourself are not perfect. In general, there are a number of things that have become a habit:.

One way or another, you will still go somewhere to learn to trade, if not with us, then go to others, which is not cool. Guarantees your earnings? The same as guarantees of the most luxurious employment at the end of the most prestigious university , i. How can you decide take money in a profitable trade or turn it into a loss? But guarantees that you will stop draining money because of ignorance - it's true. The only reason for your losses will be yourself, but not your knowledge that we will give you, they will greatly increase your chances of making a profit in each transaction.

Knowledge, experience, real score, me as a friend, because your training is just beginning with the course. I always answer questions and help everyone with practical advice. Already three years. Scalping pipsing - it's over short term trading , in which the target profit is a few points, and the transaction is held for a short time from several seconds to several minutes, sometimes a little longer.

Let's compare the behavior of Forex scalpers and traders of other trading styles. Long-term traders tend to trade on daily or even weekly or monthly time frames. Deals can be held from several weeks to several years. I'm not kidding. For example, one of the richest people planets - W. Buffett reported that he holds deals, on average, for 5 years Medium-term traders hold trades from one day to a week. Intraday traders intraday traders hold the deal, at most, until the end of the trading day.

Forex scalping involves making a huge number of transactions, each of which brings a small profit. The total number of transactions can vary from a few dozen to several hundred per 1 trading day. Pay attention to the acceleration of the price movement at the moment of the breakout of the level. Such situations are a great opportunity to take a quick profit! By and large, scalping is not a trading style, it is a time to hold trades.

That is, you can use any indicators: moving averages, CCI, stochastics, support and resistance levels, Japanese candlesticks, etc. Let me explain with an example. Intraday trader opened 1 trade and earn pips. The broker will take 2 as a spread. In total, you get a net profit of 98 points. The scalper opened 10 trades with a profit of 10 points each. Net profit will be 80 points. It turns out that the scalper has less profit than the intraday trader due to the fact that he pays more commission!

By the way, I also use an agency scheme - I train people and ask them to open a trading account using my referral link. But I teach medium and long term methods trade. My income as an agent is minimal. But on the other hand, the conscience is clear, since medium-term trading leaves much more chances for success than scalping. Suitable for those who provide: 1 instant execution of transactions 2 low commissions small spread.

All these criteria are met by: Alpari, Roboforex or "Forex for you" and some others. InstaForex is not suitable for scalping. Because they have a big spread. I repeat - there are no better Forex scalping strategies! Any strategy applicable for intraday or medium-term trading can be used for scalping. Because of three main reasons: 1 High trading costs 2 High psychological stress during manual trading 3 Low predictability of price movements on small time frames. We have already talked about trading costs.

High psychological stress - everything is clear here too. And here is the third point - the low predictability of prices on small time frames requires special consideration. First, a household example: There are 3 people participating in the sports competition "A", and people in the sports competition "B". The question is, in which competition is it easier to predict the winner? The answer is obvious - the fewer people - the more accurate the forecast. Serious people and hedge funds trade on long time intervals.

Their actions lend themselves to at least some logic and forecast. On small time frames, the number of participants is greater, therefore, predictability is reduced. Trying to predict the behavior of this motley crowd is extremely difficult! Thus, Forex scalping is not a winning strategy, but a losing strategy! I myself do not teach scalping and do not advise anyone to engage in this risky game.

Named game - since scalping the market is more like a game with minimal chances of success than serious work! A good conservative scalping is possible on the RTS or Forts. This is possible thanks to instant execution transactions on the stock exchange. The scalping system on forts is not a conventional system. It's just a matter of trading time. What is day trading and indicators for Forex scalping?

What are the best selling scalping EAs? What are the features of Forex scalping trading? Good day, dear readers of the HeatherBober business magazine! In touch Aleksey Morozov - trading expert on financial markets. How much did you earn? The dollar did not go up all the time, it rose and fell every day. For example, first 40 rubles, an hour later - 42, then again 40 and again If you enter the transaction correctly twice, then you earn per day rubles.

Recruited within 5 working days 20 , per month - 80 , For half a year - It turns out that if you trade daily, and not just open for an increase and sit back, you will type 14 times more. Beneficial, right? Or are the risks too high? We will talk about this in today's article on scalping in the financial market. All trading strategies by duration are divided into three groups: long-term , medium-term and short-term.

Prices are constantly in motion if you catch the right fluctuations, you will earn a decent amount in a couple of minutes. Therefore, advertising on the Internet about quick and big profits is not always a hoax. I bought a hundred thousand dollars for 40 rubles, two hours later the rate rose to 41 rubles. I close the deal and get rubles net profit. Day traders conduct technical analysis of charts on timeframes " 1 hour " and " 4 hours ". Prices do not move particularly intensively, so this style of trading cannot be called stressful.

Since most of the speculators play on the stock exchange intraday, it is not so difficult to predict the dynamics of price fluctuations. Let's talk about the benefits of scalping below, while we note one thing: if you enter transactions in large volumes, the profits will be simply fantastic. I'm open for promotion. In 10 minutes, the dollar rose by 10 kopecks.

I close the deal. Profit: rubles. Opening a new down trade. In 15 minutes, the currency returns to its previous price, I earned more rubles. Total - rub.

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